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    Animal Clippers & Blades: Oster Animal Clipper Blade Size 7F


Oster® Animal Blade Size 7F
Fits Oster® A6®, Golden A5®, Turbo A5®, Power Max and PowerPro Ultra® Clippers

* Size: 7F
* Size: 1/8" = 3.2mm
* blades are hardened to RC62-66 (Rockwell Scale C)
* Cryogen-X treated blade making it the Coolest Oster Blade Ever
* Blade in Made in U.S.A.

UPC: 034264416420
MPC: 078919-166-005

Oster® Professional blades are produced from the finest high-carbon steel and handcrafted to our rigorous standards, providing unparalleled precision and performance. Furthermore, our U.S. made blades are hardened to RC62-66 (Rockwell Scale C) in-house prior to receiving a cryogenic treatment which further enhances the hardening process. The blade cutting surfaces are then sharpened, finished and tested with proven Oster® proprietary processes, ensuring ultra-sharp blades that continue to stand the test of time.

* Leaves hair 1/8" - 3.2mm
* Use to shave matted coats & shave downs
* Ideal for Terrier/Spaniel back patterns
* Remember to keep the skin pulled tight and flat while clipping
* NEVER clip into the fold of the skin
Oster® Animal Blade Size 7F $ 39.95


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