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    Belvedere: Dryer Part: Heat Control Switch


  Dryer Part: Heat Control Switch

by Belvedere

Fits: Belvedere Dryer Model # B810, B870 First Lady, B700 Real Hot, B900, B900C Mega, 9500A, 9501A, 9507B & 9507C

New Style Switch:
This new switch started to be used on the Belvedere Dryers as well as a replacement switch about May 2013
* 4 Post * all 4 are used
* 4 - Wires, one to each post: Orange, Yellow, Blue & White
* Overall Measures: 1-1/4" length x 1-1/4" wide x 1" Tall
* Printed on top of switch:
1/4 H.P. 120-240 VAC
13A 120 VAC

Mounting to some of the oldest Belvedere Dryers will require some retro fitting, such as filing out the hole to accommodate the larger collar.
Some instructions will be sent with new switch.

for Reference ONLY:
Old Switch (NOT SHOWN)
* 5 Post * but Usually only 4 used
* Measures: 1-3/8" length x 1-3/4" wide x 1-3/4" Tall
* Printed on side of switch:
1/2 H.P. 120-240V.A.C.
15A . 125V.A.C.
7.5A. 250V.A.C.

See Parts Schematic Here


Dryer Part: Heat Control Switch  $ 41.99    


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