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    Belvedere: Hose for Vacuum Breaker "Hose Only" * 24" Long


  Hose for Vacuum Breaker "Hose Only" * 24" long

with Male and Female ends

by Belvedere



BELVEDERE HOSE for 622 fixture to connect to #403 or #503  VACUUM BREAKER * "HOSE ONLY"

This is the HOSE that connects the Vacuum Breaker to the #622 Fixture

The length is about 24" long with FEMALE coupling on one end and a MALE connector on the other end.

The hose is 3/8" inside diameter (ID) 250 PSI made in USA by Goodyear

Hose may be used with Belvedere #403 or #503 Vacuum Breakers with the following fixture

Use this hose to connect the Belvedere 622, 622c or 622TC fixtures (without the tailpiece) to the vacuum breaker.

By connecting this hose direct to the #622 fixture (the male end into the 622 fixture) it eliminates one connection !


Hose for Vacuum Breaker * "Hose Only" - 24" long  $ 39.99   


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