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Flowery D-Files Foot File System

* Get all the benefits of the Swedish Clover Fot Fil handle, while using interchangeable, self-adhesive abrasive pads for each client
* Virtually unbreakable
* Includes Swedish handle, five 60 grit and five 100 grit waterproof replacement pads.
Disposable products are now required by many states, and many clients are insisting that a new file be used on them.

D-file salons have a distinct marketing advantage that keeps clients coming back.

UPC: 076271105461 076271105454 076271151114

3 Easy Steps

1. Disinfect handle according to your state’s guidelines. Dry with a clean towel.
2. Peel backing off 60-grit pad and affix to the side with massaging bumps. Peel backing off 100-grit pad and affix to the side with ridges.
3. Soak feet in water, then file. Softer feet are in your hands! After service, peel pads off of handle and dispose in a closed receptacle. repeat the steps above and get ready for a new client!

1 * $ 11.99
2 - 5 * $ 10.99
6 or more * $ 9.99 each

D-Files Foot File System     


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