Shear Maintenance
     What is Shear Maintenance?

Shear Maintenance is an important practice that insures performance and cutting life. It consists of a two-phased process, cleaning and lubrication of major contact points.

      Why should I maintain my shear?

Care and maintenance will enhance the performance and the cutting life of your shears. Regular cleaning and lubrication protects against rust and deterioration from chemicals/moisture and bacteria.

      How do I care for my shears between clients?

Using a soft cloth, thoroughly wipe blades after every haircut. This will help reduce build-up of chemicals and debris.

      How do I care for my shears daily?

At the end of each workday, before leaving the salon, clean shear with a soft cloth and add one drop of oil to the screw with the shear in the closed position. Then, add one drop of oil to both inner blades with the shear in a the open position. Thirdly, add two or three drops of oil to the pivot area, opening and closing the blades three to five times. Finally, wipe blade, pivot and screw area of all excess oil.

      How do I create a correct tension?

Hold shears as if to execute scissor or over comb technique. Then, turn hand upside down with thumb parallel to ceiling. Open blades completely, by moving thumb (up) only. Remove thumb and allow weight of handles to close blades. If blades remain open from begining of cutting edge, or the weight causes the blades to close half the length of the cutting edge, tension is correct.