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    Oster Blades & Accessories: Animal Clipper Blade #913-226



Oster ANIMAL BLADE #78913-226
ANIMAL Clipper Blade Set
* Size 30 * fits model 123 & 151


* Fits Oster Model # 123 & 151 Animal grooming clipper
* Animal Clipper Blade
* Size 30
* Leaves Fur 1/50" (0.5mm)
* Replacement Blade Set includes both top and bottom blade
* Carbon Steel Blades

* Fits Oster Model # 1996 model 059735-000-000 grooming clipper

UPC: 034264404168
MPC: 78913-226

Home grooming helps to save both time and money for the owner.

* It also reduces stress for the animal, making grooming an enjoyable experience for all participants.
* Be careful not to injure your pet while grooming.
* Provides neat, finished appearance.
* Use this high quality professional grade blade set in your clippers to give your pet a grooming at home.
* Use care when handling the blades so as to avoid accidental injury to yourself or your pet.


Oster ANIMAL BLADE #78913-226ANIMAL Clipper Blade Set

* Size 30 * fits model 123 & 151

Note:Sorry this is an older obsolete item and we and Oster is out of stock and No substitute is available. 06/08/16


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