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    Zyrca Brushes: Zyrca Dome Thermal Round Brush #8533


Zyrca Dome Thermal Round Brush
Medium (33mm = 1-1/4" dia.) 

Zyrca Dome Thermal Brush 33mm #8533 Medium (33mm = 1-1/4" dia.)  $ 9.99  

* Heat-Resistant, Softer Nylon Bristles on Heat-Retaining Aluminum Barrels * Luxurious, Velvet-Smooth Rubber Handles
* Detachable Sectioning Pick ( stores inside handle )

* Medium Barrel Size: 33mm = 1.29" = 1-19/64" or a little over 1-1/4" diameter

Brushes may say Betty Dain instead of Zyrca. Betty Dain is the manufacturer of Zyrca & the brushes are exactly the same.


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