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    Bye Bye Lice & Nits

Introducing the first pesticide-free treatment for lice and nit infestation...

  • Cases of lice infestation are now more prevalent than in the past, with over 10 million reported cases annually. It is surpassed only by the common cold as childhood's most common communicable disease.

  • Each infestation has become seemingly more difficult to cure, more than likely due to growing resistance to the pesticides used in most treatments.

  • Reports indicate that the pesticides used in some treatments ( Lindane ) can be linked to serious damage and even death, and is not recommended by most experts.

The Solution:

  • An enzyme-based, non-toxic lice treatment that effectively eliminates lice and their eggs (nits) with a single treatment.

  • Insects will not and can not become resistant to enzymes. This is in contrast to pest resistance that eventually develops to all synthetic pesticide poisons.

  • Bye Bye Lice & Nits is a completely safe treatment for individuals of any age, thereby eliminating the risk of biological and environmental hazards.

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