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Style and Finishing Combs


Everything a stylist needs in a comb and more. These combs are so strong they are virtually unbreakable. Yet they still have the flexibility you require. Oster System Combs are comprised of a revolutionary polymer that makes them chemical resistant, friction resistant, static-free and sterilizer compatible.


Oster flat top style combs
Oster Original

Finishing Comb


Created for fine work and tapering, this comb gives you that professional finish. Perfect for beards, mustaches, sideburns and outlining.

7-⅝" Long


$ 6.68 each  /  $ 6.24 in lots of 3  /  $ 5.99 in lots of 6 or more

Oster Original Finishing Comb        



Oster Pro

Styling Comb


Grab this practical comb and start blending, tapering and styling the easy way. It is ideal for the clipper-over-comb technique.

8-⅛" Long


$ 8.10 each  /  $ 7.50 in lots of 3  /  $ 7.22 in lots of 6 or more

Oster Pro Styling Comb        



Oster Master

Flat-Top Comb


Now there's a better way to gather large amounts of hair. With this incredible comb designed for flat tops as well as many other styles.

9" Long


$ 8.10 each  /  $ 7.50 in lots of 3  /  $ 7.22 in lots of 6 or more

Oster Master Flat-Top Comb        


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