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Metal Combs made in Sweden


Swedish made professional aluminum combs are 100% hand finished, with each tooth being individually machined. This guarantees no burrs, so that the hair does not snag in the comb. The combs are made from the highest grade tempered aluminum, which is:

  • Impervious to chemicals.

  • Anti-Static

  • Unbreakable




8" Skiptooth Teaser


# 267


The Skiptooth Teaser Comb has double wide spaced teeth on one side for teasing the hair without breakage. The teeth on the other half are normally spaced for regular combing.
AKA: Swedish Crown #267 and Arius-Eickert #6077


1 -2 Combs $ 16.99 each
3 - 11 combs $ 15.99 each
12 or more combs $ 14.99 each

Please note:

This comb is out of stock with no estimate time of arrival.
The overseas manufacturer can no longer supply this comb.
(I believe they are having financial problems and can not full fill our order we have placed with them.)
We are currently looking for another quality comb manufacturer.
Even the manufacturer in China that made a low quality comb like this has quite producing them.
If you would like for us to notify you when the metal comb becomes available then click on the email linkHERE

Please Copy And Include Info Below In Email

Please email when the 8" Metal Skiptooth Teasing Comb becomes available.

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8" Skiptooth Metal Teaser Comb # 267     


Stainless Steel Combs

Colonel Clyde Crosley
5" Stainless Steel
Pocket Comb


Colonel Clyde Crosley 5" Stainless Steel Pocket Comb is an excellent carrying comb for all around use.
* Small and well balanced: 5" long x 1" tall x 3/16" wide
* Professional metal comb is hand finished, with each tooth being individually cut. This guarantees no burrs, so that the hair does not snag in the comb

1 - 2 combs $ 6.69 each
3 - 6 combs $ 4.99 each
7 or more combs $ 4.59 each


Colonel Clyde Crosley 5" Stainless Steel Pocket Comb $ 6.69




Arius Eickert Metal Swedish Crown CombsTweezers



Tweezer * Toed-In

Simco # 5090

#5090 3.5" Toed-in, Gold Plated Tweezers.
Great for eyebrow work, and fine hair on the skin.
The tweezers are 3.5" long, have sure grip area for finger and thumb
* High carbon nickel plated spring steel
* Great for Professional and Home use
* Made in Pakistan
* Gold Plated
* Toed-in Tip


 Simco Tweezer * Toed-In #5090 $ 8.99    


Arius Eickert Metal Swedish Crown CombsShears

28 teeth


#8440 Blender Shear * 5.5" Long


28 teeth

  • Ergonomic lightweight alloyed handles.

  • The fine teeth on one blade eliminates cut lines and steps.

  • Attractively packaged.

  • Included is a black vinyl pouch that holds up to 2 shears and has a velcro closer.


  • Warranty Registration Card and Warranty Repair Form are included with blender.

#8440 Arius-Eickert  5.5" Blender  $  39.95    



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