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  Vector Electrolysis

How it works



Vector System


How it works

Electrolysis is a process in which a needle is inserted into the hair shaft and then an electrical current is passed through the hair follicle. Although hair itself is dry, below the surface of the skin it is immersed in a watery environment with a high mineral content. The electrical current from the needle causes a chemical reaction and turns the water and salt in the hair follicle into sodium hydroxide (NaOH), which is an extremely corrosive alkali. If you were to put just a drop of pure sodium hydroxide on your skin, it would instantly burn a hole right through. This sodium hydroxide dissolves the hair follicle and the papilla causing a complete and permanent destruction of hair growth.

Even though this is a highly effective procedure, it is also has many drawbacks. First of all, the insertion of a needle into the skin over and over again can be quite painful. Treatment with a needle also requires a high degree of skill, the technician must guide the needle very accurately to reach the bottom of the hair follicle. Penetrating the skin with a needle also increases chances of infection.

As it turns out, it is completely unnecessary to insert a needle to produce sodium hydroxide in the hair follicle. The Vector™ machine works by simply grasping the hair with tweezers and applying a highly conductive gel with silver chloride. Without the electrically conductive gel this process would not work, as hair cannot conduct electricity. Applying silver chloride gel to the hair above the skin allows electrical current to pass over the non-conductive portion down into the hair follicle.

Galvanic tweezers that are included with the Vector


The Vector™ machine gives you incredible ease of operation and with the same results as regular needle electrolysis! Everyone knows how to use tweezers and you will be able to start using the Vector machine in just minutes!










Question: Is the treatment painful?
ANSWER: There will be a tingling sensation during treatment, but most people tolerate it well. There are different power settings for different levels of comfort. However, there should be some tingling sensation for successful results.

Question: How long does it take to see results?
ANSWER: Electrolysis permanently destroys hair. However, even after you completely clear an area in one treatment you will see some re-growth. The new growth that you see is not the same hair that you treated originally but fresh anagen hairs, which were resting at the time of the original treatment. Human hair grows in cycles and therefore not all hair is growing at once. If hair was not growing in cycles then humans would look like apes. It usually takes 3 to 4 months for all hairs to go through a complete growth cycle and all hairs will need to be electrolyzed before they stop their cycle. After each treatment you will notice about a 20% reduction in hair growth in the treatment area. This reduction is permanent and will compound until there is no more hair growth in the treatment area.

Question: What would be considered permanent hair removal?
ANSWER: Permanent hair removal can not be completed in a single treatment of the area. Because hair grows in cycles you will have about a 20% reduction in hair growth. As the hair goes through all its cycles there will be no more hair growth.

Question: Is this procedure going to irritate my skin?
ANSWER: There might be little red spots appearing around the treated area but they are only temporary, so do not be alarmed. You should consider that an indication of successful treatment since there are high levels of sodium hydroxide in the hair shaft.

Question: How do I get additional supplies for use with my machine?
ANSWER: Select the "Accessories" tab from the navigation menu.



I received my vector and I'm impressed on the image of this product. It looks like a well made piece of equipment. Last night I used it for the first time. The tweezers are top quality. I managed to get to the point of feeling the tingle. Eventually it felt like the hair was actually burning inside my skin.

D.G. - Graham, NC

A friend of mine has been using your machine in the USA and she has been very happy with it. I am very interested in purchasing perhaps more than one of your machines, for use in my beauty salon.

S.G. - Abberton, UK

“I have used the Vector machine for several months and I haven’t seen any hair growing back. Goodbye razor!”

N.G. - Broomfield, CO

“I have purchased many products for hair removal and none of them ever did what they claimed. The Vector machine really works!”

I.L. - Jacksonville, FL

"Thank you for a wonderful product! I have used your machine on my beard and now I have a lot less hair growth. It really works!"

V.P. - Santa Monica, CA

“I have saved hundreds of dollars on needle electrolysis and used it on my husband and myself. We are very pleased with the results!”

J.B. - New York, NY

“All the hairs that I treated are completely gone! I am so glad I don’t have to tweeze anymore. Thank you for this great product!”

R.R. - Plainfield, IL

Vector Electrolysis System

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