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    Oster Blades & Accessories: Part: Blade Spring-Tension Brackets (2-pack)


Oster Part:  Blade Spring-Tension (2) Brackets

* PART for 76 & 111 Clipper Blades

PART for Oster Classic 76, Model 10  & 111 Clipper Blades

* this part will ONLY fit the Oster Detachable Blades
* This steel part is fasten on between the bottom blade and the socket, The other end holds the top blade against bottom blade with a Blade Guide (not included).
* 2 - Brackets per pack (enough for 2 blades)

Why would you need to replace this part ?
As the blades are used the wear and tear on the Tension Spring weakens the spring steel it is made of, not allowing the Tension Spring to hold the top blade "Tight" against the bottom blade thus allowing the two blades to separate and then hair will get between the two blades which will pull the hair instead of cutting the hair.

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Oster Part:  Blade Guide Fits on Front of Bracket Tension Spring * Item # 034264000002

Oster Part: Blade Spring-Tension Brackets (2)  $5.77  


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