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    Razors: HESS EZY Shave Injector Razor #2020 & #1010

HESS 2020 Injector Razor

* Hess 2020 Injector Razor
* Blade Holding End is Metal with length of 5-1/2"
* White Plastic Handle Length 5-1/4"
* Razor uses both the full size hair shaper blades and the injector/mini blades

* NO Blades included * (See Blades Here)
* Includes 2 metal blade holders for the smaller blade, as did the EZY Shave Razor

UPC: 118320020209
MPC: 2020

Manufacturers Note:
The main differences between the original razor and the new one is that the original had a white handle and this has a cream color handle (we wanted to make sure people knew this was a different razor) and the handle is riveted together rather than being held together with pins. Over time the handle on the #1010 EZY Shave Razor would crack near one of the pins. We do not expect to have that problem with these razors.

$ 33.99 each
2 * $ 32.99 each
3 or more * $ 30.99 each

HESS 2020 Injector Razor



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