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    Spornette: Brush #9035-MPR


#9035 Anti-Static Metro Porcupine Rounder Hair Brush

# 000028307009035

* Overall Diameter: 2.25" Diameter from end of Single White Nylon Bristle to end of Single White Nylon Bristle.
* Overall Length:  9.0"
* Diameter: 2.0" Diameter from end of Clumps of Black Nylon/Boar Bristles to end of Clumps of Black Nylon/Boar Bristles
* 12 Rows * Ever other Row is staggered allowing each hair to be brushed.
* 16 Clumps of Bristles per row
* Each Clump of Bristles consist of One (1) White Nylon Bristle (11/16" Long)  surrounded by many (clump) of 1/8" shorter Black Nylon and Boar Bristles
* Black Plastic Body and Handle is easy to grip and the Purple or Green Rubber Thumb Area relieves stress on thumb (our choice as to Purple or Green)

#9035-MPR  $ 9.79   


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