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 Home Shampooing Aids

Shamp-Ease Tray

Now! Beauty parlor comfort at home.
Assisted living shampoo tray drain board for Quick, Easy, Comfortable Home Shampoo.

Now, no more soap in the eyes... no more water in the nose with the portable Shamp-Ease home shampoo tray. Instantly fits any sink or basin - anyone can use it easily and comfortably.

* Saves time, money and trouble
* Fits Any Sink or Basin
* Suction Cups Hold it Firmly in Place
* Unbreakable Steel
* Long Lasting Baked Enamel Finish
* Design to Drain Dry After Using
* Weights only 2.35 lb
* Size: 17" Long X 14" Wide X 1.5" high
* Only available in color: blue
* Makes home shampoos a pleasure

** for a Limited Time:
FREE Profiles Shampoo Sprayer with purchase!



Shamp-Ease Tray     
This item is temporary out of stock !
Please check back later !


Shampoo Hose/Sprayer

* Great for Washing Hair
* Great for Washing Pets
* Great for Bathing infants
* Easily and Securely Fits onto Faucets
* Color: White

Profiles Shampoo Hose/Sprayer $ 7.99  


Comfort-Cape * Soft - Black 


100% soft, flexible shampoo aid on the market that is firm enough to hold its shape. The Comfort-Cape allows individuals to remain upright during shampooing. Its soft, lightweight fabric is flexible and conforms around any chair or basin. It is ideal for wheel- chair bound individuals. Adjusts to four neck sizes with buckle fasteners and hook and loop straps provided for a proper fit. The Comfort-Cape Also reduces the risk of back strain for the caregiver.

We stock only the Black color

Comfort-Cape * Soft - Black   $69.99   


 Shamp-Ease Portable Sink


* Plastic Sink
* 3 Leg Adjustable Stand
* Drain Hose ( will need bucket to drain water into)
* Bucket NOT included
* Use a Water Pitcher to rinse patrons hair
* Water Pitcher NOT included
* Shipped only to Continental U.S. by UPS Ground

In Stock Ready to ship

Shamp-Ease Portable Sink   $99.99   



Just Apply · Massage · Towel Dry · and Style, Penetrating sudsing action does the cleansing.

You can shampoo almost anywhere, even sitting in an easy chair. Shampooing the No-Rinse way eliminates the inconvenience of rinsing.



Many men, women and children - for one reason or another - cannot get into a tub or shower. In these situations, shampooing becomes difficult. In some cases, rinse water may not be available or perhaps rinse water cannot be drained easily. No-Rinse enables an individual to maintain hair cleanliness with absolutely no rinsing required.

16oz. Bottle


$ 6.99 each  /  $ 6.49 in lots of 3  /  $ 5.99 in lots of 6  /  $ 4.75 in lots of 12 or more

No Rinse Shampoo 16-oz.   


 Youthair Creme

Comes in 16 oz. bottle

* No sudden changes - blends away gray gradually
* Less expensive than any option available
* Control - when, where and how much grey you have, some or none
* Won't wash or rub off - this is not a dye
* Effective on anyone - from blond to black
* Eliminates visibly graying roots as you have with dyes
* No smells, no mess, no gloves and no bother
* Quick delivery right to your door - no more embarrassment

* 16 oz. Bottle


$ 12.80 each  /  $ 11.90 in lots of 5  /  $ 10.90 in lots of 9

Youthair Creme 16-oz. Bottle   


Jeffco 2238S Portable
Professional Salon Hair DRYER
on roll around stand

Professional Hooded Salon Hair Dryer
Easily adjusted up & down to match your salon setting, and easily moved from spot to spot.

* Portable Hood Dryer
* Variable Heat Setting
* 60 Minute Timer
* Adjustable Stand
* Casters
* 110 Volts, 1000 Watts Heating Capacity
* Hair Net Required!
* One Year Warranty

* Item can Only be shipped on UPS Ground
** Currently, item can be shipped only within the 48 States.

* Price shown + Shipping Cost to your location

Shipping: 2 - Boxes
Dimensions: 24.0" x 24.0" x 7.0" / 18.0" x 21.0" x 18.0"
Dimensional Weight for Stand box: 25.00 lbs
Dimensional Weight for Hood box: 41.00 lbs
* Item will Ship by Dimensional Weight:

***Save 3% On-Line @ Check-Out***

Jeffco 2238S Portable Professional Salon Hair DRYER $ 269.00





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