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12 oz      16 oz.

Liquid Mousse

Styling Lotion

An exciting new way to hold today's hairstyles all day, giving your hair the body and manageability it needs. It works waiting for foam to dissipate to become effective.

  • Spray On * Firm Control * Styling Lotion

  • Longer lasting natural styles with super body

  • Conditions, detangles and leaves hair with superb shine

$ 8.39 each  /  $ 7.99 in lots of 2  /  $ 7.79 in lots of 6 or more

Liquid Mousse  12-oz.  


$ 11.29 each  /  $ 10.49 in lots of 12 or more

Liquid Mousse  16-oz.  



16-oz. Thick 'n Hair

Infusion Treatment


  • For fine or medium textured hair

  • Penetrating formula infuses to hair

  • Adds structural strength and thickness



$ 14.99 each  /  $ 13.99 in lots of 6  /  $ 13.49 in lots of 12 or more

Thick 'n Hair  16-oz.  


16-oz. Texturizer

Styling Lotion Concentrate



  • Instantly conditions and improves hair texture

  • Provides excellent setting qualities

  • Longer lasting hair styles



$ 13.49 each  /  $ 12.99 in lots of 6  /  $ 11.99 in lots of 12 or more

Texturizer  16-oz.  


16-oz. Set 'n' Stay

Styling Lotion Concentrate



* 1 - 16oz. Bottle Makes a Gallon
* More Humidity Resistant
* Brilliant Luster
* Gives Body to Fine Hair
* Easier Comb-Outs


Set 'n' Stay  16-oz.   * No Longer Available



Liquid Mousse

Spritz Hair Spray

An extra firm hold hair spray specially designed to give more volume, texture, fullness, and manageability to today's exciting new look hairstyles.




Spritz Hair Spray  2-oz. $ 1.65  
Spritz Hair Spray  8-oz. $ 8.83    


12-oz. Liquid Mousse

Hair Setting Lotion

* 12 oz. Bottle with Spray Top
* with Silk Proteins
* No Alcohol, No Tangles, No Flaking
* Leaves Hair Silky Smooth with Softer Moisturized Curls
* Super Body with a Healthy Vibrant Shine



$ 4.99 each 

Hair Setting Lotion  12-oz.  


12-oz. Liquid Mousse

ProVitamin Wrapping Lotion

* Does not stick to Curling Irons or Other Heat Appliances
* Longer Lasting Hairstyles with Soft, Silky, Lustrous Shine
* No Alcohol, No Flaking, No Tangles and No Build-Up
* Conditioners help protect Hair from Heat Abuse
* Locks in Hairstyle with Super Body
* Gives Hair Maximum Shine


$ 6.99 each 

ProVitamin Wrapping Lotion  12-oz.  


16-oz. IC

Leave-In Hair and Scalp Treatment

A totally new, high-potency, leave-in hair and scalp treatment. Fortified with proteins, vitamins and minerals. It's more than a topical conditioner! It's more than a cream rinse! It's left in the hair for continuous conditioning!


$ 11.67 each 

Leave-In Hair and Scalp Treatment  16-oz.  


IC Reconstructor Packet

Super Concentrated for Instant Conditioning

  • Enriched with Aloe, Biotin Panthenol, and Collagen

  • Extra Body Formula


Reconstructor Packet  1-oz.  $ 1.79  


FANTASIA Brazilian Hair Oil Keratin Moisture Mask


* Brazilian Hair Oil Keratin Moisture Mask repairs badly damaged hair from hot tools and chemical services in just a few treatments.
* Enriched with antioxidants, vitamin E & keratin protein to nourish & mend split ends & frizzies.
* Brings hair back to life with elasticity, easy combing and luxurious shine.
* Ideal for all hair types
* Sulfate Free
* Anti-color fade for long, lasting hair color
* 8 fl. oz.
* Made in the USA

FANTASIA Brazilian Hair Oil Keratin Moisture Mask $ 9.99 is the source for the finest in beauty salon equipment!

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Shipping Policy

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