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    Pedicure: Checi Nickel Foot & Callus File * Coarse Grade


Chéci Nickel Foot & Callus File * Coarse Grade


Coarse Nickel Foot & Callus File
For critical calluses and severely cracked heels.

Lets talk about convenience! Finally there is no need for time consuming, messy feet soaking! Checi nickel foot files are specially designed to work on dry skin, enabling you to have beautiful feet at all times! Light-weight, Checi nickel files can be taken everywhere. They will not come apart, and will last and last!

It's State-of-the-art nickel abrasive surface safely an gently smoothes away hard, rough skin and calluses for an unsurpassable smooth pedicure. It'll not take away healthy skin, making calluses grow back slower and softer overtime. It's easy to grip handle and thin curved head lets you file even hard-to-reach areas. * Fully Sanitizable (plastic-safe sanitizing solution) *

CH-404 is a coarse grade file for critical calluses and severely cracked heels. For even better results, finish your pedicure with CH-702.

Entire Size: 1" wide x 7" long
File Size: 1" wide x 3" long

Chéci Nickel Foot & Callus File * Coarse      No Longer Available
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